Redditch Conservatives are calling on the people of Redditch to back our campaign to #UnlockRedditch and unleash the full potential of our great town. 

How you can help - your action list for change.

  1. Share your views and ideas in our survey - tell us how you would regenerate Redditch town centre.
  2. Join our campaign by using the #UnlockRedditch hash tag on social media.
  3. Join the Conservative Party here in Redditch and play an active role in the future of our town and our country.
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Why do we need to #UnlockRedditch?

In an independent paper authored by Brendan Nevin (on behalf of the NWEDR and published by Redditch Borough Council) there was an identification of a number of challenges that Redditch needs to overcome. This is because there is a risk that Redditch will become a "drag" on the wider West Midlands economy which is growing and moving forwards whilst Redditch is being left behind.

In his paper, Nevin writes:

"The investment in the town is now five decades old and much of the offer to business, consumers and investors needs to be modified to meet [WMCA] aspirations"

He continues by outlining the facts and figures that make up the regional economy and where Redditch sits within those, including a backwards step in employment when compared to our neighbours. Whilst our neighbours were creating jobs between 2000 and 2015 it is only Redditch that had 2,000 fewer jobs at the end of this period.  The report adds:

"To make this contribution to the overall prosperity of the sub region the Redditch economy will need to engineer a step change in growth and productivity"

We agree with Brendan Nevin and believe that #UnlockRedditch is the 'Redditch Deal' that Brendan Nevin suggests we need.


Labour's Poor Record in Redditch: Some Facts to Start With

Your Conservative government has made £5m available through our nearby LEPs to help revitalise Redditch: the Labour-run council hasn’t bothered to submit the paperwork and won’t do it until ‘some point before the end of 2018’.